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As I write this, I am standing in the glowing presence of a deeply loving Jesus, surrounded by a circle of angels.  I feel the outpouring of that sacred and utterly unique Christ Consciousness energy, the energy of pure unconditional love, deep compassion and complete forgiveness.   

This is the love you do not need to earn and cannot lose, no matter who you are, no matter what you do or fail to do.  This love is always here and always yours.

I hear this:  “Lead them to me that I may show them the way to a joyous life.”

If you already know this love in a deep and personal way, please join me in celebrating and deepening that connection and pouring it out upon the world.

If you are new to this energy, or feel you may have lost your way to it, please allow me to lead you to it

My Invitation

I am thrilled to invite you to a very special event to be held on the Winter Solstice, Sunday, December 21st, where we will have the opportunity to meet with Jesus and be lifted into Christ Consciousness.  You are invited to attend free of charge

I am equally as thrilled to share that I will be offering private Christ Consciousness Readings, so that you may also have a personal and intimate experience one-on-one. 

Click here to register for the event and learn about all of the Christ Consciousness offerings.  There is an Early Bird Discount that expires on December 7th, so please don’t delay.

Welcome to My Website

If I could have  my wish, everyone would greet the dawn with joy and anticipation, looking forward to a day full of mystery, laughter and fun, using their amazing intuitive and creative gifts in everything that they do.  They would know, absolutely, that they are deeply loved and guided at every turn.  They would shine out with their unique greatness as a natural part of who they are.   


I have done my best to capture this spirit in my various offerings below:

My services as a Pathfinder, to help you find your way to your own power, wonder and beauty, so that you may shine out with your unique light in the world.


My book, A Call to Greatness, the Exciting, Joyous Journey Your Soul Wants You to Take, which outlines your path to personal greatness, using the tools and techniques I learned on my own intense spiritual odyssey.

  Carrie Singing

 My music as a singer/songwriter, available in CDs and MP3 downloads


i-am-this.com, dedicated to empowering you through a deep connection with Spirit, including daily meditative Empowerments and weekly Shamanic Journeys.   


PowerAnimalsUnleashed.com, to let your intuition guide you to just the right power animal for an important meeting, a relationship, a decision, or this period in your life.  A very fun site you will want to visit often.

Quado.com, a warm and loving place to visit each day, to get an inspirational message and a rose from my garden.


CONTACT:  You can reach me by email at carriehart@msn.com .

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